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Glad to see you here!

Hi there! My name is Iolanda and I am the creator and owner of Furlou and if you're reading this, I am just like you - a crazy dog parent.

I live in Los Angeles, California with my husband Anthony and our two miniature dachshunds Louie and Bowie whom we are absolutely obsessed with (I am sure you can relate).
Our Story

How we were born.

Furlou was born on a walk to the dog park. I was walking my first dog Louie on a retractable leash when I realized - not only was it boring but also lacking in functionality (no hate to retractable leash fans).

I knew I wasn't the only one who cared about their pups this much, and that there would be people looking for cute and practical dog products just like myself.

Our mission

Why shop at Furlou?

With any small business comes a personal touch. We value our customer relationships (many of which have grown into friendships.) We love to hear your stories and how your pups have impacted your life. That is really what Furlou is all about; being a part of the growing community of dog parents.

You can expect to receive the same customer service you'd get from your local small boutique.

Feel free to ask us about our products, sizes and materials - We are here to help and guide you through your purchase.

Our Products

When beauty meets functionality.

Our perspective is simple: We want to provide top quality products while manufacturing responsibly and ethically. And ultimately try our best to offer products at accessible and fair prices.

'Midnight Black' - Hands Free Rope Leash - FURLOU
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